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We are located at Maroubra Beach. You will need to bring water, towel, runners (sometimes we are on the cement/grass) hat and suncream. 

Classes run for 45-60 min. We start promptly on time. Our schedule is as follows

Monday 0600
Tuesday 1815
Wednesday 0600
Thursday 1815

Friday Run Club 0555

Most Saturdays at 0700

Class times are subject to change based around client demand

We also accept Fitness Passport

Contact Jason on 0404 008 952 for inquiries. 

Our boot camps are fun, enjoyable and and inexpensive way to stay fit and get outdoors.



We have a number of options available to suit your time and training preference. Check out below for our all our current options for Group Fitness



Feeling like you have let yourself down and feeling tired, do you need more energy?

READY to take on 2020 with the best, and feel good about yourself!

Feel like you are not as strong as you once were, you want to feel more confident and stronger in your day to day activities?

Do you want to workout with like minded people in a supportive and motivating environment?

Do you want to get fitter, stronger and healthier, and lead a balanced and sustainable lifestyle?

Do you want to do all of this with Maroubra's Leading Long Time Bootcamp?

Inspiring everyone through regular exercise and nutrition advice to become


Maroubra's best leading and innovative bootcamp - Ultra Fit Athlete

Ultra Fit Athlete (formerly Run Jump Crawl) Bootcamp runs for all ages above 16, fitness levels and abilities. We are located at Maroubra Beach with a variety of training styles including:

Boxing / HIIT / Strength Training / Circuits / Stairs & Hills / Agility and power / Legs and Booty / Abs and Core / Obstacle Specific / Fitness Challenges and More...

Every session is different and is designed to get awesome results, toning all over, increased fitness levels and overall strength. But we are not just a bootcamp, we offer so much more, including nutrition education to get you all learning, progressing, and reaching goals.

If you want to workout and get fit with a bunch of like minded people, who love to have fun and a good laugh while at the same time working hard and getting results, this is the bootcamp for you!

We have packages to suit everyone's needs. They always say friends who train together, stay together. Get a few friends together and push, motivate and encourage each other to achieve great results.

Less than $7/class    $49/fortnight
Less than $7/class    $65/fortnight

Group Fitness

3 Main Memberships
Ultra Membership: 4 x Boot Camp Sessions
Fit Membership: Unlimited Sessions, Run, Train With Trainer (TWT) group, and Boot Camp
Athlete Membership: Fit Membership inclusions + 1 x 30min session/week (PT, Education, Stretch, etc.)
10 Visit Pass     $180
Casual               $20

Fortnightly and Weekly Plans require 4 weeks notice to cancel
PT for members comes at a discount and is $40/30mins or $70/60mins in blocks of 5
Extra Classes are $10 extra per class

Train With Trainer (TWT) Sessions are limited to 5 people, I will lead sessions and most likely join in too
Run sessions will include sprints, tempos, hills, easy pace, etc

PT Sessions as part of the Athlete Membership only allow you to bank 3 PT sessions, extra ones will expire
Only limited Athlete Memberships available

Available for anyone and everyone is 2 for 1 sessions, and if you join us for a 2021 Annual or 6 Month Pass December is only $20

MEMBERSHIP:        Ultra       FIT     Athlete

Boot Camps               Yes         Yes        Yes
Run Classes                No          Yes        Yes
TWT                            No          Yes        Yes
Personal Training       No          No        Yes
UFA Discord Group   Yes          Yes       Yes

Ultra              FIT                  Athlete
$24.50/wk       $32.50/wk       $60/wk

$950/Yr           $1,260/yr        $2,650/yr
25% Discount      25% Discount      15% Discount

$520/6 Mos   $700/6 Mos   $1400/6 Mos
18% Discount      18% Discount      10% Discount

Commit to a 6 or 12 month 2021 pass now and train in December for ONLY $20
*Excludes PT sessions

Fitness Passport Members required to pay $20/fortnight for Fit Memberships plus minimum 3 weekly Class attendances
Fitness Passport Members required to pay $75/fortnight for Athlete Memberships plus minimum 3 weekly Class attendances

Contact Us

Maroubra NSW Australia 2035

0404 008 952

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