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My most extreme ultra marathon race to date with an elevation between 3500m and 5500m, 5 mountain peaks, temperatures from -10 degrees to 30+ degrees, oxygen levels at 50% of that at sea level, over 5 days in the Himalayas, India. With a claim to be the worlds mo​st gruelling race, I completed this one off race and placed first. What no person has done before. 

Al Marmoon 100km

Desert racing is different to any other. Passed by wilds camels. Sand storms. When you are out there alone and running on soft sand, with sand dunes moving in the wind it's easy to get lost. And that I did. 

Another challenging yet enjoyable race where I pushed my limits to place second in the inaugural Al Marmoom 100km Desert run

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LA ultra  222KM

This was my first big overseas races. We had no idea what we were getting our selves into. All we knew was it was in the Himalayas, at and altitude of 3500m-5500m, 40% less oxygen than sea level and extreme temperatures passing over some of the highest motorable roads in the world. I had my one support crew and we were teamed up with locals.


It was something i had never done before but I wanted to challenge myself and what I could really do. 

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Lycian way  130KM

This was no easy race along the coast of Turkey. Previously this race was run staged, during the day. However this year they decided to make it a continuous race. By far one of my most challenging races. Equipped with GPS and instructions, with red and white painted markers to guide the way through this ruggered landscape. This was was one tough race.

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