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Be determined - consistent and never give up

Be a team - support & educate each other

Be balanced - in fitness, nutrition, friends and family

Be adventurous - step out of your comfort zone

Be healthy - mind, body and spirit

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Jason Reardon and UFA

Ultra Fit Athlete is a fitness evolution created by ultra endurance athlete - Jason Reardon, to help every day people to do out of the EXTRA ordinary things.

Jason believes that no matter what back ground you have come from you are capable to do anything you put your mind to. Through training yourself mentally, physically and spiritually you are capable of doing things you never thought possible.

Jason has always been into fitness and health from a young age. Which has carried him through his life and helped him to develop a love of fitness, health and well being.


 His goals involve mental strength, physical strength, spiritual strength and usually involve some sort of extreme measure. He is constantly challenging himself to push even further than the last.

Jason has a wealth of knowledge to share with aspiring athletes who want to challenge themselves.

Jason is a huge supporter and advocate for  mental health. Having gone through his own battles with depression after losing a child in his early twenties. He used fitness and health to increase his well being while improving his mood lifting him from his depression. 

He is always trying to raise awareness and money for mental health and awareness, currently Headspace - a youth mental health foundation in Australia. 

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